About US

Who are we?

Lapts is an electronic online store that specializes in selling laptop and laptop spare parts, after being imported from outside the country, the store started in April of the year 2014 built on a policy to provide computer parts that have high quality high performance with compatible prices and low expenses, the store also provides for its customers and clients an almost like new spare parts that are similar to a brand new one, with prices that are half the ones in the local stores that are brand new, we also have a team of technicians who will follow the after sale services and to watch over any occurring problems and  answer any customer related questions about the product. Through the years of working over the internet we managed to prove our existence in the emarati souq, we also managed with more than 6000 agent/customer from all over the emarates, first we thank allah then because of our policy we hold that makes our customers interested in our products, which leads us to focus on which choices seem fit for the costumers, the trend was towards high-performing groups like Workstations and Business series that have high value and that are not available strongly in the market that specializes in.  

Our message

We seek to spread  the idea which values is to enforce trust in the used electronic parts and give a successful model for trusted stores that provide used laptop parts with the upmost value.

Our vision

We look forward to being the pioneers in the field of electronic sales, and to be the first reference to all those who want to obtain a high quality product and services with lower prices.


  1. Our products are with high value and from worldwide brands.
  2. Our prices are competitive and in the reach of everyone.
  3. We have a fast and professional support.
  4. Fast delivery for orders and products and pay on arrival.
  5. We provide all type of real insurance for our customers.

Our goals

We always strive to accomplish our goals and re-new them to what seems fit with our client’s aspirations and ambitions in the present and the future, the goals and objective of laps are:

Provide high quality services while achieving the concept of total quality.

To develop our partnership with other companies and business corporations that are within our .business line

To expand our activities to include other fields of work and other electronics.

Permanent and continuous configuration of the store staff and support self-learning.

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